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Pizza Shop Coming from the Prohibition Taproom Team

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Soon to be Bufad Pizza
Soon to be Bufad Pizza
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Prohibition Taproom and Cafe Lift owners Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello are getting ready to open a pizza joint, Bufad, close to their other two restaurants. Michael, who has been on a pizza binge as of late, told Eater that the project is aiming to open in November.

"It's an American Italian slang term for someone who binges, which is l'abbuffata in Italian, and is here called a bufad," Pasquarello said. "It's going in at 1240 Spring Garden Street, where the Yum Yum Chinese restaurant used to be."

Pasquarello said the space holds about 30 seats, and they'll be sourcing all of their produce locally from places like Greensgrow Farms. They'll be making Neopolitan-style wood-fired gourmet pizza, with toppings made in-house, including all curing and pickling for veggies and charcuterie. They'll also offer a Roman-style al taglio pizza, which is sold by the weight and cooked in long baking pans.

Pasquarello also added that they just settled on a lease at 1310 Frankford Avenue, where they'll be working on another project that is coming in Spring of 2013. Details are still sketchy, but it'll have a lot of "butchering and beer." No name yet for that restaurant.

Construction hasn't begun yet on that project, but it should start before the weather turns cold. Looks like the Pasquarellos are working on becoming the next restaurant empire owners.

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1240 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA

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