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Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen Coming to Fishtown

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Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen is coming.
Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen is coming.
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A few months back a tipster sent in a picture of a liquor license hanging on the door at 2370 E. Norris Street, across from sleeper taco hit Loco Pez. After investigation led to a few dead ends, news comes today that the crew behind A Full Plate Cafe are the owners of said license, and they're bringing a new concept to the space.

Shannon Doherty and Liz Petersen are opening Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen next year after their license on Liberties Walk ends in early 2013. A Full Plate has been in operation for over 6 years (a veritable lifetime in this business), and there will be more than a few sad faces when it's all said and done.

Cedar Point will have a bar and 16 taps (AFP was BYOB), and with 50 seats is nearly double the size of their previous operation. The cuisine will be "1970's housewife" style food, with modern twists and upgrades in ingredient quality. Fear not, fans of AFP, as they're continuing operation right up until the end of the lease.

· A Full Plate Uprooting to Fishtown [The Insider]

Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen

2370 E. Norris Street, Philadelphia, PA