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Philly Pizza Cook Responsible for US Air Bomb Hoax

The US Air bomb hoax was the result of a Facebook picture.
The US Air bomb hoax was the result of a Facebook picture.
Photo: ABC News

The liquid bomb hoax that forced the emergency landing of a US Airways flight last week was perpetrated by a pizza cook from 3 Brothers Pizza & Pasta in Port Richmond. Kenneth Smith was charged with phoning in the phony info that was the result of a bizarre love triangle involving Smith, his girlfriend, and her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Shell.

Apparently, Shell was partaking in a war of words with Smith on Facebook that resulted in Shell putting up a compromising picture of his ex-girlfriend (Smith's current girlfriend), which caused Smith to tell airport authorities that Shell was smuggling bomb stuff on his flight to Dallas. On top of being a moron, Smith also appears to suffer from severe step-skipping when it comes to the game of Facebook dozens.

Also of note, 3 Brothers is looking for a new pizza cook.

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