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Kevin Sbraga Launches Sandwich at The Linc

Kevin Sbraga is launching a sandwich at The Linc
Kevin Sbraga is launching a sandwich at The Linc
Photo: ESPN/Bravo

Top Chef Kevin Sbraga is a noted Eagles fan, and now, a contributor to the excessive gut of the rest of his fellow Birds supporters. Sbraga and Aramark announced a partnership today, and as a result there's a new sandwich that will be available at Eagles games every Sunday at The Linc.

Called the Sloppy Jose (not to be confused with David Ansill's signature linguisa sausage sandwich during his Ladder 15 days), Sbraga's invention is made up of short rib and chorizo slathered in chipotle lime mayo, topped with Chihuahua cheese, and a homemade coleslaw, served on a sesame seed roll. Most of the food at The Linc is pretty terrible (as opposed to the awesome eats across the street at CBP), and this might be a step in the right direction.

· A Top Chef Adds to Eagles Menu [The Insider]

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