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What is Craig LaBan's Big Fall Preview Bombshell?

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Craig LaBan AKA Baguetteface
Craig LaBan AKA Baguetteface

Mike Klein, the man behind the Philly Insider, tweeted out that Craig LaBan would be dropping a bombshell about a new project that is part of his Fall Preview in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Sunday. There's no word yet on what it might be, but Eater has been getting more than a few tips about all kinds of crazy concepts that may be the big news.

So, to help build up the hype, we're running a poll and a contest at the bottom of the post, so you can get in on the action. Leave your thoughts in the comments about what it might be, and if your premonition comes true, you'll win a $50 Gift Certificate to Zahav. And while you're at it, vote in the poll for the most likely scenario of the whispers that have already come through on the tipline. Our guess is that it'll be a restaurant featuring a hologram of Top Chef Jen Carroll (à la Tupac) where she just yells and screams obscenities at her line cooks. Also, all kidding aside, a Philly outpost of Mario Batali's Eataly has gotten a lot of momentum over the last few months.

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