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13th Street Developer Tony Goldman Dead at 68

Tony Goldman transformed 13th Street in Philly
Tony Goldman transformed 13th Street in Philly
Photo: The Real Deal

Tony Goldman, proprietor of Goldman Properties and a true visionary developer, passed away on Tuesday in NYC. Goldman was instrumental in the revitalization of 13th Street, investing time and money into chef Marcie Turney's fledgling empire and attracting restaurateur Stephen Starr to a street that was only known for prostitution and smack. Nowadays we have restaurant hits like Barbuzzo, Jamonera, El Vez, and Sampan that would never have come into existence without Goldman's influence.

Goldman was also the brains behind transforming South Beach's from a moth-ridden retirement community into the celebrity-saturated party spot that was immortalized in Vanilla Ice's seminal hit "Ice, Ice Baby."

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