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David Chang's Right Hand Man Opening Resto Here

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serpicomomopic.jpgWell, everyone can stop guessing now, and it was right in front of our noses all along. The big news is that David Chang's right hand dude, Peter Serpico is teaming up with Stephen Starr and opening a place on South Street called Serpico. Taking over the former Footlocker store at 604 South Street, Serpico is opening a 52-seat restaurant that won't do reservations and is conjuring up funky stuff a la Momofuku. Starr told Craig LaBan that they were shooting for a December opening.

Back in July when we were digging in on the barbecue spot which turned out to be Fette Sau, Serpico's name came up and we asked about it. Starr said Serpico wasn't involved in that project. Well, he was telling the truth, as Serpico was hiding in the back of Barclay Prime's kitchen polishing his concept.

The three big guesses we had thrown our way from insiders—Vetri teaming up with Batali on an Eataly, Jose joining Victory in a brewpub, and Jose Andres expanding here—didn't solidify, but this is going to be a barn-burner of a concept, and will help revitalize South Street east of Broad.

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604 South Street, , PA 19147 (215) 925-3001 Visit Website


604 South Street, Philadelphia, PA