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Amis Team Comes in 2nd at Red Bull Flugtag

The Amis crew did well at the Red Bull Flugtag
The Amis crew did well at the Red Bull Flugtag
Photo: The Marple Newtown Patch

After months of preparation and practice, the Beast of Amis team flew their monstrosity in the Red Bull Flugtag over the weekend. And, they did quite well. Chef Brad Spence and his crew flew their massive sausage plane (piloted by Brendan Island) a staggering 60 feet after some early technical difficulties.

"Our wing broke as soon as we got there, and we thought it was just done and we wouldn't be able to fly," Spence told Eater. "But, we got it fixed up and had to update the wing control system, which is why we didn't fly as far as we had hoped. Still, were very happy with the results."

You can see in the video below that the stabilizing back wing flips up early in the flight, which caused an almost immediate nosedive. Luckily, no one was hurt on the Amis team, as there were bumps and bruises on other squads, including a scary fall that resulted in a few broken bones. Still, the 60 foot flight was good enough to earn them 2nd place in a field of more than 30 contraptions. Congrats, guys.

The Amis crew shows up at the 0:55 mark in the video.

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