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A Look Inside Craft & Claw, Opening Thursday

After a pretty quick turnaround, Craft & Claw is opening at 126 Chestnut Street on Thursday, September 20. The space is just about done and looks beautiful. While a crab joint usually conjures images of easily wiped down furniture, C&C is very stylish with dark-stained wood and leather chairs. Owner Max Tucker said the design choice was done deliberately. "I feel like it's an unexpected move, and hopefully shows that we're taking the restaurant very seriously," Tucker told Eater. "I love crabs so much, but they get relegated to kitschy places. It's a nice change of pace."

There are subtle details, too, that make the crab-eating experience an enjoyable one at C&C, like servers offering hot towels to wipe off crab gunk that inevitably gets on your hands while eating. Tucker also said they're serving Baltimore's super-popular Orange Crush drink, which they're making to order and goes great with crabs.

The menu is very affordable considering it's filled with massive king crab legs, blue crabs, and all kinds of shellfish. On Monday and Wednesday, Craft & Claw is offering all-you-can-eat crabs, which will immediately make the restaurant a destination for shellfish fanatics. Chef Nick Fabian has cooked nothing but crabs for almost a decade, so it's a good bet that the end product will be pretty damn good. This Thursday, we'll all get the chance to find out.

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