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Chef David Katz: Part-Time Sommelier

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Artist's rendering of Katz as a sommelier.
Artist's rendering of Katz as a sommelier.
Photo: Eater Philly

After David Katz hung up his spurs at Mémé, he's been looking for a new opportunity in the kitchen. Right now, though, Katz is working with Terence Feury who is opening Tavro 13 in mid-October. But, he's not cooking.

"I'm developing the wine list for Tavro 13. Terence and I are buds, and he said he was still in the process of finding a GM, so I stepped in and said I would do the list for him," Katz told Eater. "I was very involved in the wine list at my restaurant. It's fun for me."

Katz is good friends with Mike Madrigale, one of NYC's most influential and talented sommeliers, and the wine-buyer for Daniel Bolud's empire. Madrigale has been instrumental in Katz's wine education, so he knows a great bottle when he tastes one. So, will this be Katz's job for the foreseeable future?

"No way," Katz told Eater. "I love this part of the business, but I'm a chef, so you'll see me back in the kitchen soon enough." And, most likely with a serious wine program.

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