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The New Flying Fish Brewery Open For Business

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A look at the new Flying Fish digs.
A look at the new Flying Fish digs.
Photo: Casey Hughes

Flying Fish Brewing Company recently cut the ribbon on their shiny new brewery in Somerdale, NJ, as they outgrew their original facility in Cherry Hill. Brewmaster Casey Hughes said that they'll be open for tours this Saturday, September 29, to celebrate Somerdale Day, but will then be closed to the public again as they finish up the tasting room.

"We just sent out the first run of kegs and bottles from the new brewery, but we won't officially open to the public for another month," Hughes told Eater. "But, the new products we're brewing will be available this week, and hopefully hold over fans until late October when they can drink off the line in the tasting room."

In addition to tripling their capacity to a little more than 30,000 barrels annually, Flying Fish is using the new digs to add new beers to their lineup, as well. Hughes added that the super-popular and extremely rare Exit 16 Imperial IPA will now be available in 12 oz. bottles year round, and they're replacing Flying Fish ESB (which is being phased out) with Red Fish, a hoppy West Coast red ale, similar to cult favorite Red Seal. Both should show up on retailer shelves before the weekend.

If you're interested in the inaugural tour of the new facility this coming Saturday, please call the brewery at 856-504-3442 to get more info.

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Flying Fish Brewing Co.

900 Kennedy Blvd., Somerdale, NJ