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Drew Lazor Quit The City Paper To Model Jeans

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Drew Lazor is sexy and he knows it.
Drew Lazor is sexy and he knows it.
Photo: Thrillist

Yes, that's Philly's favorite food writer/Nick Cage aficionado Drew Lazor modeling some dope threads over at Thrillist. After leaving the City Paper and founding Meal Ticket, Lazor said he was going to do freelance work, and "some other stuff." Apparently that "stuff" is passing over the craft booze at Art In The Age and heading straight for the expensive peg-rolled jeans. He has the look of someone who would shake you down for lunch money, but those chukkas show a sensitive side underneath the scowl.

Seriously though, AITA must have promised Lazor like four cases of liquor, because he spends most of his money on pressed pig ears at the Hand Drawn Noodle House. But, the jacket does a decent job of covering up that most egregious of food-journo work hazards: the spare tire. Looking sexy, Drew!

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Art in the Age

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