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Sushi Pop-Up at Dive Bar; Garces Cookbook Release

EAST FALLSMakiman Sushi is doing a pop-up at Franklin's in East Falls and it makes no sense. Nothing says pop-up like a top quality sushi joint making maki rolls next to a skeeball machine. If this doesn't signal the end of pop-ups, nothing will. [Grub Philly]

ALL OVERPhilly's favorite chef, Jose Garces, is doing a bunch of tasting menus to celebrate the release of his new cookbook. Meal Ticket is reporting that Garces will be doing special menus at each of his restaurants throughout the month, and a big party at the Cira Center where JG Domestic is located. [Meal Ticket]

WASHINGTON SQUARETalula's Garden is expanding next door and opening Talula's Daily, which will be an extension of the restaurant, a lot like Talula's Table in Kennett Square. Expect provisions, high-end ingredients, and supplies, making it the coolest General Store in Philly. [Foobooz]