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Mike Welsh Talks Expansion at Franklin Mortgage

One of Philly's iconic cocktail bars, The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., is expanding into the Liquid Hair Salon perched above the subterranean watering hole. HughE Dillon at Philly Chit Chat ran the shot of the papered windows above, but owner Mike Welsh told Eater they were still quite a ways from opening up. But, he did have some good news to ease the sting of a long build out.

"We're going to use the space for R&D, and we're also probably going to open a teaching environment, so people can learn about cocktails and liquor," Welsh told Eater. "On the weekends, we will open it up so people don't have to wait outside to get a seat. We're going to try and open before 2013, but we have a lot of work to do yet."

Welsh mentioned that the recent opening of St. Charles Exchange in Louisville has been very successful, and they're looking at more expansion nationally. "We have nothing set in stone anywhere, but that's where an R&D space will come in handy," Welsh said. "We could work on the drinks without having to shut down the main bar. It also gives us the opportunity to have private events without affecting regulars."


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Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

112 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA