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Detroit-Style Coney Dogs Coming to Philly

We're getting Detroit Coney Island Dogs
We're getting Detroit Coney Island Dogs
Photo: Google Maps

Gregg Methot and Dawn Hone have taken over the recently-shuttered Santa Fe Burrito, and are opening the Famous Detroit Coney Company. Methot and Hone just sold their restaurant in Myrtle Beach and came up north to bring a taste of the Midwest to Philly. The Coney Island is a Detroit classic, and they're using Kogel dogs, the signature tubesteak of the region.

The Insider is reporting that they're about 3 months out from opening, and will also offer up fast food staples like house-ground burgers, gyros, kebabs, and onion rings. Critic Craig LaBan is a Detroit native, and has already given the new project a big thumbs up.

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Famous Detroit Coney Company

212 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA