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Local Chef Wins National Bologna Title

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Nick Macri's award-winning meat
Nick Macri's award-winning meat
Photo: Meat Man Macri

While you were busy attending some meeting at work or drinking yourself into oblivion, chef Nick Macri of Southwark was perfecting his bologna recipe. And after sending his "big red rocket of love" off to Cochon 555 in Memphis—one of the meat meccas of the U.S.—word came back that it won first prize in a national bologna competition.

Tonight, cheffy pal Scott Schroeder is joining Macri in celebrating the big victory by adding the "People's Champ" Fried Bologna sandwich to the menu at American Sardine Bar. Philly now can boast having the best bologna maker in the U.S. in addition to all of the other culinary accolades we hold so dearly. Congrats, Nick!

· Nick Macri Wins Bologna Competition [Twitter]