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Craig LaBan Named Best Restaurant Critic by AFJ

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Craig LaBan AKA Baguetteface
Craig LaBan AKA Baguetteface

As much as you might hate Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LaBan and his opinions, you can't deny that the man really knows his stuff. Well, today, the Association of Food Journalists agreed with that sentiment, and awarded LaBan the top prize for newspaper restaurant critics.

So, what did he win? Apparently being the best in the land only scores you $300 U.S. dollars and a certificate. For all of you wanna-be food writers, that should be a serious wake-up call. But, then again, $300 can't buy you the respect of your peers, right? No, it can't, but it will get you 37-and-a-half cheesesteaks from John's Roast Pork. Read our in-depth Q&A (from late February after Le Bec-Fingate) with The Craigger here.

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