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Counter Culture Opens Barista Training Center

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Ultimo Coffee is expanding.
Ultimo Coffee is expanding.
Photo: Nick Cho

In addition to the shiny new Ultimo Coffee shop opening up at 22nd and Catharine Streets, there's a barista training facility—run by roaster Counter Culture Coffee—launching on the second floor of the same building. This Saturday, September 8, you can check it out for yourself from noon until 4 p.m. during their open house.

For those shops and restaurants that feature Counter Culture Coffee, training is on the house. But, if you're just a fan of the bean or sling caffeine for a rival coffee shop, you'll have to shell out a pretty penny to get educated. A half-day will set you back $75, and the price is double for a full day of learning. There are a multitude of courses on the roster including various levels of espresso making, brewing science, comparative cupping, and milk science (which is known as latte art to everyone outside the ranks of the Counter Culture educational system).

· Counter Culture Training Center [Official]
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Ultimo Coffee

2149 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA