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The Boilermaker is Now The Butcher and The Brewer

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boilermakerinterior.jpgWell, that didn't take long. The Boilermaker is now becoming The Butcher and The Brewer. The new concept will still focus on a hefty amount of beers (there are 40 taps after all), but the food will be heavy on old school butcher technique with an emphasis on charcuterie. The very talented Jennifer Choplin is taking the helm in the kitchen after spending time working the pans at Watkins Drinkery, Resurrection Ale House, and Bistrot La Minnette.

Since Choplin was named the top chef of The Butcher and The Brewer project, it gives those rumors about the F-Cab B&B a little more weight. For those not following along, The Butcher and The Brewer is owned by the Farmer's Cabinet crew, so a change in concept was imminent. Which one of you had 6 months in the concept overhaul betting pool?

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The Butcher and The Brewer

216 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA