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The Indo-Chinese Menu at Tiffin Will Melt Your Face

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Tiffin launched a new Indo-Chinese menu
Tiffin launched a new Indo-Chinese menu
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Tiffin launched an entirely new Indo-Chinese menu last night that adds another layer of depth to Munish Narula's popular restaurant. Chinese cuisine is an integral part of Indian culture, and the culinary interpretations of those dishes are flavored with a different set of spices and use techniques that give them their own distinct taste. It's basically a menu for a completely new restaurant, and something that Narula has envisioned for quite some time.

"It's something I've wanted to do for awhile, and finally got the chance to execute," Narula told Eater. "This cuisine is like comfort food to the Indian population who grew up with it, which is pretty much everyone. And it's most definitely different from traditional Chinese food."

The menu is broken up into appetizers, soups, entrees, egg noodles, and fried rice dishes. Like most traditional Indian meals, each of the main courses offer a protein or vegetable as a base and are smothered in different sauces. The finishing sauces on the menu include Kung Pao, Manchurian, chili oil, hot garlic, and a blazing Szechuan sauce.

Tiffin IndoChinese

While the menu reads like any corner Chinese take-out, the execution and flavors are much different. The Szechuan fried rice is fiery hot and tinged bright orange with Indian spices, chunks of chicken, and hefty green beans and peas. The chicken Manchurian is smothered in an intensely aromatic sauce that is made up of lots of ginger, garlic, and chili shoyu. The chicken lollipops (which come with a spicy and sweet chili sauce) are a more affordable take on the Malai Kofta lollipops found at Narula's modern Indian joint, Tashan.

The prices are right in line with Tiffin's Indian menu, which isn't cheap, but brings a big portion. And, don't fear takeout travel, as the dishes easily hold their heat for the ride home. So, you fans of Tiffin have something new to cheer about, and for those of you who didn't like what they were doing before, it's a good bet that they'll win a few of you over.

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