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Philly Loves An Underdog and a Manifesto

Underdogs has a manifesto.
Underdogs has a manifesto.
Photo: Facebook

Underdogs, the high-end wiener spot that recently expanded smack dab in the middle of Cheesesteak Vegas at 9th and Passyunk, has been doing quite well since cutting the ribbon a few months ago. But, it appears that the massive crowds of tourists have taken a toll on the patience of the management as the manifesto above just appeared on their Facebook page.

We are tired of it all. We are tired of cutting corners. We are tired of paper thin meats of questionable quality, cheese out of a can, and rude service. We are not a tourist trap. We are Underdogs.

There's a bunch more after the lines copied above, but you get the point. In just four sentences, they've managed to take shots at two of the most popular food tourist stops in the city, their competition, their customers, and Cheez Whiz. But, it's hilarious, so we can forgive it all. Oh, and their logo looks a lot like someone getting an iron-gripped happy ending, which is even funnier. Try not seeing that every time you come across the image from now on, too. Happy (ending) Friday!

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1205 S. 9th Street, Philadelphia, PA