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Zama Debuts Rice-less Sushi; Steve Wildy Named GM

NORTH PHILLYBoozehound extraordinaire, Steve Wildy, has been tapped to be the new GM at Marc Vetri's gastro-ish sorta-pub Alla Spina. To celebrate the promotion, they're releasing the Weekly Wildy, a comedy sketch of sorts that involves Wildy spraying himself in the crotch with beer. [Meal Ticket]

RITTENHOUSE SQUAREIf you don't think sushi is health-conscious enough, you're crazy. Lucky for you, though, the inimitable Zama agreed with that sentiment and is offering up rice-less sushi rolls. Menu options include tuna wrapped in daikon radish, snapper wrapped in cucumber, yellowtail wrapped in carrot, and a bunch more. [Citypaper]

NOLIBSThe Burger of the Week at PYT isn't a burger at all, but a Taco Burger. Yes, a Taco Burger. And, instead of a crispy corn shell, it's made completely out of crunchy bacon. Stuffed with seasoned beef, shredded cheddar, lettuce, pico de gallo and an avocado and cilantro ranch sauce. Got all that? [Foobooz]