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Nugget Nectar Hitting Philly Early Next Week

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Philly's favorite local seasonal beer, Nugget Nectar, is getting ready for it's 2013 debut. Troeg's Brewing Company announced that the first run of Nugget bottles and cases have just come off the line, and are being shipped from their Central Pennsylvania distribution site to our region as of this morning.

Some distributors will be getting their cases a day or two before next week, but expect a wide release by Monday, January 21, to satiate all of your Nugget Nectar needs. The brewers have also said that they're making larger batches (as well as a higher number of batches) in 2013 so they won't end up with shortages this time around.

For you boozers who are looking to pull up a stool and go to town on pints of Nugget Nectar at your local watering hole, don't expect to see it appearing on draft lists before mid-February.

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