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Rhino Bar is Closed For, Uh, Flooding

Looks like flooding is keeping Rhino Bar from opening up tonight as it has been the last few nights. While flooding is a legitimate reason to close a restaurant, that's the same excuse that Fish used last time around while there were some managerial shake-ups before Mike Stollenwerk's exodus from the restaurant. So, it looks a little fishy, although Mike Klein says it's real.

The goings on at 1234 Locust have been nothing if not interesting, and before the Fish crew moved in, it had a fairly long life as Bump. So, whether or not Rhino Bar/Fish goes away has yet to be determined, but whomever moves in next is going to have a lot of bad mojo to get rid of. Oh, yeah, and the Fish website is gone if that means anything.

[Photo: Foobooz]

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Rhino Bar

1234 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA