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Center City Cannibalization; Le Virtù 40-Course Meal

CENTER CITYTwo lunchtime options, Gia Pronto and Bruegger's, have called it quits. But, there appears to be more than just a bad economy killing these places. There's some serious cannibalization going on. [The Insider]

POINT BREEZEScott Schroeder is continuing his series of specialty sandwiches at American Sardine Bar inspired by concoctions from the minds of his friends. This time around, he's featuring Drew Lazor's Dad's Sandwich, which is made up of grilled cheese on Texas toast with turkey and Taylor pork roll, cheddar, dijonaise, and jalapeños. And it's Crunchified. [Meal Ticket]

EAST PASSYUNKStudly chef Joe Cicala put together a 40-course meal at Le Virtù called La Panarda that expanded waistlines and encouraged hibernation for weeks. It's a yearly tradition with the Le Virtu crew, and they pulled out all the stops this time around. But, there's a plenty-long post over at Foobooz that does a much better job describing the epic meal, so check it out. [Foobooz]