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Green Eggs Midtown Expands Just In Time for Brunch

Green Eggs Cafe's Midtown Village location has officially opened their southward expansion. And that's good news for you Center City denizens that are doing brunch tomorrow, as it will cut down on your wait time to get grease in your gut to satiate your hangover hunger. And, this is no 5-seat breakfast nook, either. They've taken over a portion of Nest (who subletted the space to the Green Eggs crew) , the children's play center, which will add 40 more seats and another TV to the space.

The owners will be tweaking the aesthetics over the next few weeks, including adding a chalkboard for daily specials. In addition to packing in more drunkadelphians, the extra space will allow Green Eggs to start hosting private events on-site, as well. The only thing keeping GE:2.0 from becoming a true brunch nirvana is lack of call-ahead seating. So, how' bout it?

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Green Eggs Cafe

212 S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA