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DUI McDonald's Drive Thru; Hop Sing in Details

JERSEYA woman drove her car into a McDonald's in Haddon Township yesterday. It appears that she was intoxicated at the time, and reversed into the building full throttle after running into the dumpster. No one was hurt in the crash. [Haddon Patch]

CHINATOWNHop Sing Laundromat got a shoutout in Details magazine for being one of the best new bars in the U.S. While Lee is polarizing to the blog readers in Philly, there's no denying how great his cocktails and his bar truly are. Rest assured this won't be the last national attention Hop Sing will get. [The Insider]

FISHTOWNWe're just a few weeks away from the opening of Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen from the former owners of A Full Plate Cafe. The food is described as 70's housewife-meets-Southern cuisine. There's 15 taps for craft beer, specialty cocktails, and, of course, vegan options [The Insider]