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Whale Week, a Celebration of Splurge Dining, Starts Now

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Starting now, and ending on Friday, Eater will be celebrating the people that love spending money on food. It's a little something we like to call Whale Week. We'll be highlighting these high-rollers (or "whales" as some industry people like to call them), and the places where they love to part with their cash.

At this point, you may be wondering: Why Whales? Why now? Well, for one thing, it's fun to pretend you've got bank to eat at Vetri every night of the week, and nothing kills the food soul like freezing weather forcing you to sit inside instead of bar-hopping and grabbing late night bites.

All throughout Whale Week, there will be guides to the finest food and wine, plus maps, testimonials, dining diaries, and whatnot. If you have a tale of dining excess that you'd like to share with the readers of Eater, send that to the tipline. Or just settle in with some snacks and have some fun.