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Restaurant Week is Just Chicken; Wingettes Aren't Sluts

SOUTH PHILLY/NOLIBSCircles Contemporary Asian is doing a beer dinner at their two locations tomorrow night. In South Philly, they're teaming up with The Bottle Shop and in NoLibs they're teaming up with The Foodery. Both spots dinners are priced at $50 for 5-courses, and there are seatings at 6 and 8 p.m. [Foobooz]

ALL OVERWe haven't been covering Restaurant Week since you don't really need our help, but Grub Street has found some interesting details about the "celebration." Apparently more than half of the restaurants participating just bought a shitload of chicken and salmon and whipped up some crap to dump on it, along with a vegetarian option. Some spots are actually doing right by their diners, but check out the full post for some interesting stuff by the numbers. [Grub Philly]

SPORTS COMPLEXApparently, a very influential feminist columnist is up in arms about men calling the scantily-cald Wing Bowl "Wingettes" sluts. While it's a worthy point of view that deserves a champion, it's kind of odd that we're celebrating the 21st year of the Wing Bowl competition and this is the first time anyone has ever spoken up about it. []