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New Liquor License Spotted at Tapestry

What's going on at the ex-Tapestry?
What's going on at the ex-Tapestry?
Photo: Drew Lazor/Meal Ticket

One of those bright orange PLCB liquor licenses showed up in the window of the now-defunct Tapestry at 5th and Bainbridge Streets. If you're just catching up on the Tapestry story now, it was the central figure in an epic shitstorm of turnover, lawsuits, haterade, star chef departures, and, yes, even some success. In September, the dramatic episodes stopped and Tapestry closed up shop for good.

The placard says the interested party is called 4400 Main Street Restaurant Enterprises, which Foobooz reports is the address of a fortune teller in Manayunk. But, something isn't sitting right with this whole situation, since there has to be some law against bringing in a squeaky clean license to a place that already has one in place. And, since there aren't a massive number of restaurateurs coming out of Manayunk, what are the odds that they've got a connection with the previous owners, Belvedere Restaurant Group? Stay tuned.

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