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Jose Garces Takes Over Old Original Bookbinder's

Jose Garces is taking over the legendary Bookbinder's
Jose Garces is taking over the legendary Bookbinder's
Photo: Plan Philly

Iron Chef Jose Garces just signed a lease to take over Philly's most famous restaurant landmark, the Old Original Bookbinder's at 125 Walnut Street. While rumors have been flying as to what Garces is putting in the 13,000 square foot space, his reps say that it'll exist as the center of Garces' catering universe—both as a commissary and a unique event space—and some of it will also be a really cool-sounding part-time 'oyster saloon.'

"Our goal is to stay true to all of the great things Bookbinder's means to Philadelphia while still bringing the unique culinary vision and the personal hospitality experience of Chef Jose Garces and his Garces Group," the reps told Eater. "We anticipate this project to open sometime in late Spring 2014. For now, our efforts are focused on creating new Philadelphia institutions, Rosa Blanca and Volver."

Stay tuned.

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125 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA