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Jimmy Fallon Was Just at Dalessandro's

Jimmy Fallon was just at Dalessandro's
Jimmy Fallon was just at Dalessandro's
Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Fallon

So, if you're one of the 10 million people who follow him on Twitter, you know that everyone's favorite late night host, Jimmy Fallon, was just at legendary cheesesteak shop Dalessandro's. A manager at the store told Eater that Fallon wasn't there to film a segment, and was just passing through and grabbed a couple of cheesesteaks.

He obviously didn't ask his Philly-born band leader Questlove for a cheesesteak suggestion, as The Afro counts places like Tony Luke's, Gennaro's and Ishkabibbles among his favorites, and rarely heads outside the city center for grub. But, we wholeheartedly support Fallon's choice, as Dalessandro's makes one hell of a fine cheesesteak and is among the best in the area.

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600 Wendover St Philadelphia, PA 19128