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What's Your Hangover Cure?

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Pho in Philly is a surefire hangover cure.
Pho in Philly is a surefire hangover cure.
Photo: Hungry Nomad/Philly

As Cocktail Week rolls on, the next 60 minutes on Eater Philly will be dedicated to the worst booze chaser ever: the hangover. Whether it forces you to throw a couple Tylenol in your morning muffin or completely debilitates you for a solid 24 hours, we all suffer from the dreaded hangover.

So, as we kick off this Hangover Power Hour, we're asking you, our dear readers, what you do to make the pain and nausea to go away? Please let us know your tried and true methods in the comment section below, or pass along some anecdotal evidence and wisdom that you've been taught by better boozers than yourself.

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