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Hot Diggity Hopping the Pond

Photo: Keith Garabedian

On Friday, Zagat Philly's Danya Henninger broke the news that Keith Garabedian, owner of Hot Diggity, is working on opening a new shop called Big Dog in Birmingham, England. Garabedian confirmed to Eater today that he's on board as consulting chef for the new venture. He'll be working with owner Roni Dalal, whose other credits include Zumo, a sizable European smoothie chain. The new spot will bring in links from Germany, which Garabedian says tend to be milder than American versions, topped with "classic British flavors" that are sure to be wildly inventive. If the concept takes off, there are hopes for additional locations to come.

According to Garabedian, Dalal already had the idea for Big Dogs in mind and was researching American-style hot dogs when he found Garabedian and HD via the restaurant's YouTube channel. While it's still early, the UK's in for a treat if this utterly sublime site (registered to Dalal's company, Kalron Foods Ltd.) is any indication of Dalal's thought process. Logos, mock-ups, hints at franchise possibilities, pictures of ladies snuggling lovingly with hot dogs and talking into makeshift hot dog phones—it's all there.
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