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Philly's 18 Essential Hotels; A Vacant Mansion

Photo of Copperwood Mansion via Trulia

CHESTNUT HILL: Take a look inside Chestnut Hill's long vacant Copperwood Estate. The property includes a basement bowling alley, a secret speakeasy hidden behind a bookshelf, and other charming quirks.

CITYWIDE: Where should your relatives stay when they come to Philly for the holidays? Here's your answer: eighteen essential Philadelphia hotels to fit every taste and budget.

CITYWIDE: Looking for an impressive address? These eight buildings are some of the city's most architecturally significant.

YOUR WALLET: If you haven't given the Landlord and Tenant Act of 1951 a thorough read recently, Curbed has you covered. Here are three tips for protecting your security deposit and getting it back.
· Curbed Philly [philly.curbed]