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Josh Kim Wants Fairmount Pizza to Stop Biting His Burgers

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Fairmount Pizza is lifting Spotburger recipes.
Fairmount Pizza is lifting Spotburger recipes.
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Josh Kim, the amazing beef whisperer behind popular food cart Spotburgers, is pissed at Fairmount Pizza for boosting his burger recipes. And while it's tough to call someone a copycat in the culinary universe where so many dishes are "inspired" by previously executed famous recipes, it looks pretty suspicious.

"One of my relatives noticed that two of the burgers served by Fairmount Pizza were replicas of ones we serve, right down to the order of ingredients listed on the menu," Kim told Eater. "I don't recognize any of the owners as customers, but I know that the two burgers that have been lifted—The Spot Burger and The Roquefort—were featured numerous times by food blogs and the newspaper."

Kim said he's not really concerned or upset by the situation, as it probably won't affect his business since the Fairmount versions don't look or taste the same as his. "But, it would be nice if they would mention where they got the idea," Kim said.

So, what do you think about the situation? Should Fairmount Pizza give Spot some love, or is Kim overreacting? Let us know in the comments below.

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