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Top Chef's Travis Masar Working at Sampan

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NB: Spoilers to follow.

Since the start of the current season of Top Chef, the local focus has all been on Jason Cichonski (ousted early) and Nicholas Elmi (currently kicking ass). Meanwhile, Travis Masar has been cooking here somewhat under the radar, reportedly at least since this summer.

Masar, or Captain Vietnam as we all presumably call him in the privacy of our own homes, was told to pack his knives on last night's episode. Here he is casually tweeting about his current employment at Sampan last night:


Going back, a few stray tweets over November have also mentioned the move and new job. Eater Denver noted back in August, before the season began airing, that Masar had "recently moved to Philadelphia," although his appearance on the show "represents his home state." (Masar also lost his bout on Last Chance Kitchen, in case you were wondering.) [Photo: Travis Masar/Twitter]

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