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First We Feast Posts Cheesesteak Photos, Regrets It

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Earlier today, Complex's food blog First We Feast posted something that they probably thought would be relatively uncomplicated: a gallery of photos of cheesesteaks, culled from various corners of the interwebs, under the heading "Lunchtime Inspiration."

Except they referred to the cheesesteak's defining roll as a "hero roll." And then proceeded to include a few very questionable specimens, sparking an inevitable uproar from seemingly every self-respecting Philadelphian on Twitter.

Calls for site deletion and questions about interns' jobs were bandied about. Things got ugly. Things got... satisfyingly Philly. Sensing what was best for them, self-flagellating tweets and post updates were forthcoming from First We Feast. One particular offender — this sandwich featuring slabs o' beef, kimchi, and a roll that looks suspiciously po'boy-ish — seems to have been pulled from the gallery altogether, presumably on the basis of WTF.

By way of a happy ending, the ever-classy First We Feast offered up appropriate penance and peace was made, though it won't be too surprising if they pass on writing about Philly again anytime soon.

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