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Farmers' Cabinet Owner Matt Swartz Arrested

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The Farmers' Cabinet has been in the center of plenty of crazy stories in its time. Feel free to peruse their history here, but for now, make sure you're up to speed on this confusion about their liquor license from November of last year. It's crucial background info to today's story: as reported by Foobooz, F-Cab was raided by authorities Wednesday night, and co-owner Matt Swartz has been arrested.

Victor Fiorillo has been submerged in this story perhaps a bit deeper than he'd like from early on — after reporting on the liquor license situation in 2012, he received an email from Swartz that read, among other things:

License has been renewed letter is in front if the restaurant taxes have been settled ….if you try to destroy my business on more time with lies you will be sued for slander ..

That letter (in addition to inadvertently explaining the establishment's apostrophe placement, which has always felt dubious) claimed that the liquor license had been renewed and that all was on the up and up.

Following the arrest, Squad Supervisor Frank Spera claims that their renewal letter was forged. F-Cab is allowed to remain open, though all alcohol on the premises has been seized by law enforcement. We'll update as the story inevitably unfolds into bizarre new forms.

UPDATE: Michael Klein reports that Swartz would be arraigned today, and provides some much-needed clarity. According to Klein's findings, the police say Swartz admitted to the forgery and illegal alcohol sales because he needed the money. While F-Cab's renewal for 2012 was valid, though submitted late, the 2013 letter was a fake.

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