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Poll: What Are Your Thoughts on Eataly?

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Yesterday, Eater noticed Joe Bastianich telling a Chicago reporter that Philly's next on the list to get our very own Eataly. And, of course, the social media reaction started rolling in immediately: If Marc Vetri knows anything, he's still playing coy. The number of Likes and "w00ts" (really!) being tacked onto our post and others would suggest plenty of warm sentiment. Others have expressed concern that the import could be bad news for local institutions like the Italian Market, DiBruno Bros., and Reading Terminal.

(Caveats: the details of the deal still haven't been confirmed; Eataly's partners promise a commitment to local producers at each new Eataly location.)

So, let's get into it with a very unscientific poll: Are you unabashedly excited for a new "theme park of Italian food"? Wish New York would keep its grubby mitts off our city? Fall somewhere in between? Cast your vote, then elaborate in the comments.

Poll results

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