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Chef Georges Perrier Is Still Pissed at Craig LaBan

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Georges Perrier in happier times
Georges Perrier in happier times
Photo: Haute Living

Cooking legend Georges Perrier was very honest about his disappointment in regards to Craig LaBan's takedown of Le Bec Fin 1.0 near the end of its life last year, but it looks like he hasn't really gotten over it at all. Philly Mag is reporting that Perrier was going off about LaBan at a recent media dinner, and letting anyone within earshot know just how he felt about the renowned restaurant critic.

"Fuck Craig LaBan!" shouted the former Le Bec-Fin chef. "Victor, please tell me, how does Craig LaBan get to become a fucking restaurant critic?" I assumed that the question was rhetorical. "Craig LaBan is a fucking asshole," he added. Repeatedly.

He continued this rant for quite awhile before changing topics and lowering his sights on another familiar face from the Le Bec Fin kitchen.

"Why do people like this Bibou place," Perrier namedropped the new restaurant of his longtime lieutenant and Philly favorite, Pierre Calmels. "I just don't understand it." Perrier went back to the topic of LaBan, calling him "half-gay" and a "lunatic," before mentioning that "without me, there would be no other fucking restaurants in Philadelphia!" Perrier did profess his love for Chip Roman's Mica before accusing chef Michael Solomonov of "stealing" his salad Salad Lyonnaise. Wow.

Philly will surely miss Perrier's unmatched talents and skills in the kitchen, but it looks like there will never be a shortage of quotables coming from the angry little Frenchman. And whether you're a server in his line of fire, or a long-time friend like Calmels, he's got something to say to everyone.

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