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Is Federal Donuts Coming to Citizens Bank Park?

There's lots of great food at the park this year.
There's lots of great food at the park this year.
Photo: Philadelphia Phillies

Earlier today, the Passyunk Post reported that Federal Donuts was going to land at Citizens Bank Park this season, which is the most amazing news ever. Even Todd Zolecki, Phillies beat reporter, says he believes the rumors to be true. But, not everyone thinks this it's set in stone.

"The deal isn't done, and there's nothing to talk about," said owner Mike Solomonov's public relations team. "That's the bottom line at this point."

The truth is a deal isn't done yet, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. The two issues at hand, though, are the short time frame they would need to get the space up and running (baseball is just around the corner, and most if not all vendors have been accounted for), and the prep needed for their fried chicken is well known and not suited for 40,000 daily patrons.

We're awaiting a call from Solo to find out the real deal, but we sure hope to have some damn good news for everyone soon. Meanwhile, check out our guide on best ballpark eats at Citizens Bank Park.

· FedNuts Opening Stand at CBP [P'Yunk Post]

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