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Where Were You When the Ad Agency Liquor Wars Began?

Steven Grasse, the founder of Quaker City Mercantile—which includes Hendricks Gin, Art In The Age Liquors, Sailor Jerry Rum, and Spodee Wine—has a problem with Fast Company covering the new wave of ad agency-owned liquor brands and not including one of his many successful bottles of booze. Especially when one of the other companies covered is local competitor Red Tettemer and their TuB gin.

Grasse took the first shot against Red Tettemer thusly:

Grasse continued on the offensive for awhile, as he hangs out at the famous Chateau Marmont, where he also mentioned his disappointment with their gin selection, noting that they should have his Hendricks available instead of Bombay Sapphire.

Eater reached out to Red Tettemer for their thoughts on the situation, and Annie Heckenberger was happy to hear that Tub gin was top of mind for Grasse. "Oh, and we just got picked up in New York and California, so he can probably ask for TuB gin at Chateau Marmont if he wants good gin."

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