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Attn. Hotel Palomar: Broad Street Diner Isn't the Llanerch

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This is the Llanerch, not The Broad Street.
This is the Llanerch, not The Broad Street.
Photo: Rod White

Actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence made local legend Llanerch Diner a tourist attraction thanks to an appearance in Silver Linings Playbook. Business has skyrocketed at the Delaware County landmark since the movie opened and long-time regulars are having trouble snagging a booth after a star turn in the Oscar-nominated flick. Some opportunistic folks are putting together "tours" of locations from the movie for a fee, cashing in on dummies who can't use Google to find their way to Lincoln Financial Field. And, if you're one of these enterprising individuals, at least send suckers fans to the right damn diner.

The Hotel Palomar is offering an "Oscar" package which includes a discounted hotel rate, a tour of The Linc, and breakfast at The Broad Street Diner, which wasn't in the movie at all. But, it's being sold as a "closer version" of the Llanerch, which is only 20 minutes away.

Make no mistake, the Broad Street Diner is great. But it's not the Llanerch, which was actually in Silver Linings Playbook. So, make it right Palomar planning people. Sign up an Uber car to take these crazy folks to the real deal on Township Line, and feed them disco fries until they puke. It's important.

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Llanerch Diner

95 E. Township Line Rd., Upper Darby, PA