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Two Philadelphians Suing Budweiser Over Weak Beer

Thomas and Gerald Greenberg are the two newest heroes in a long line of important Philadelphians. The brothers are suing InBev, the makers of Budweiser, for watering down their beers too much, and falsely advertising the true ABV in those crappy beers.

"AB's customers are overcharged for watered-down beer and AB is unjustly enriched by the additional volume it can sell," Thomas and Gerald Greenberg said in the Philadelphia complaint."

The complaint was filed yesterday in Federal Court, and of course, Budweiser is saying the accusations are totally false. "Our beers are in full compliance with all alcohol labeling laws," said Peter Kraemer, spokesperson for InBev. "We proudly adhere to the highest standards in brewing our beers, which have made them the best-selling in the U.S. and the world."

We have never been more proud of Philadelphia than we are today, the birthplace of independence, and a city where the alcohol content in beer is worth fighting for.

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