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Monsu Receiving Bomb Threats Over Horse Meat

Peter McAndrews has been getting bomb threats.
Peter McAndrews has been getting bomb threats.
Photo: NBC Philadelphia

Chef Peter McAndrews recently announced that he was planning on adding horse to the menu of his Sicilian restaurant, Monsu. Today reports have surfaced that anonymous callers have been threatening to "blow up" the restaurant if McAndrews makes good on his promise to serve equine.

McAndrews isn't taking the threats lightly, but isn't about to cancel his plans to add horse to the menu because of the phone calls. "The funny thing is, if actually I ever do put it on the menu, guess what? If it doesn't sell, it won't be on the menu," McAndrews told The Metro. The outspoken restaurateur hasn't alerted the police to the potential violence. "Hopefully it's a hollow threat and somebody's just being a dope," he said, "But we've been getting a lot of them."

The horse meat convo has been the talk of restaurant town for a few weeks, and Philly superstar chef Marc Vetri weighed in on the topic by saying he didn't understand what all the fuss is about. He followed that Q&A up with his own column on Huffington Post where he expressed his love for horses and the humane treatment of animals, whether they're equine or not.

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