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WashPo Writes Philly a Big Ol' Love Note Of Its Own

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Josh Lawler is a fave of the WaPo
Josh Lawler is a fave of the WaPo
Photo: Jason Varney

Surprise of all surprises, the Washington Post ran a big story on the greatness that is our culinary scene. It outlines a serious list of who's who in the top-level cooking ranks beyond the usual Stephen Starr, Jose Garces, and just re-opened Le Bec Fin.

Former Washington-ites Joe Cicala (Le Virtu) and Mike Santoro (The Mildred) are namedropped alongside Peter Serpico (Serpico), Eli Kulp (Fork), Sylva Senat (Tashan), Joe Carroll (Fette Sau), Christopher Lee (Sophia's), Josh Lawler (Farm and Fisherman), and Greg Vernick (Vernick). They even find time to announce the upcoming Noord from Chicago-boy-come-home Joncarl Lachman, which is opening soon on East Passyunk Avenue.

So, maybe this will encourage the once-interested-but-mind-changing superstar chef John Shields to stick around instead of heading south on 95 to the Nation's Capital. Whaddya say, John? Stay here and be famous with the rest of 'em.

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Fette Sau

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Le Virtù

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