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Historic Home Becoming Wendy's; Neighbors Pissed

No Wendy's wanted here.
No Wendy's wanted here.
Photo: Jake Speicher/Patch

Even though the neighbors couldn't stop the wrecking ball from leveling the historic Bunting House in Roxborough last year, they're not about to allow a Wendy's franchise to set up shop without a little pushback.

A petition has been filed by the residents of Roxborough to stop the construction of the fast food joint, and at least 800 people have already signed on the digital dotted line to stop construction. It's almost a guarantee that the franchisees saw this coming, so they're probably prepared. And, sadly, if they couldn't stop the demolition of a somewhat important piece of architectural history, there's an even smaller chance that they'll stop the inevitable drive-thru.

But, if you'd like to help the cause, you can sign on right over here. The countdown on the petition's page says only 125 more signatures are needed to do whatever it's going to do to the Wendy's Corporate machine.

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Future Wendy's?

Ridge Ave & Roxborough Ave Philadelphia, PA 19128