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Ela Expanding Dining Room; Re-Opening Wednesday

DIY destruction
DIY destruction
Photo: Jason Cichonski

Eater's favorite sexy chef Jason Cichonski and his crew at Ela have ripped out the right-half of the bar to add in a banquette that will bring in an additional 12 seats or so.

"We're doing well, and the dining room has always felt a little cramped," Cichonski told Eater. "So, we listened to the diners and we're putting in a banquette, which will accommodate our crowds, and make the room comfortable."

Cichonski said that his business partner, Chip Roman, has been suggesting the expansion of the dining room for awhile, and that they finally listened to him. Cichonski said the menu is getting an overhaul for Spring this week, making this a very active time for improving the Ela experience.

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627 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA