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Pizzeria Beddia Opens Next Week in Fishtown

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Joe Beddia—known as Joey Pizza 'round these parts—has been testing his amazing pies this week in preparation for the debut of his Fishtown parlor, Pizzeria Beddia, located at 115 E. Girard Avenue. Beddia the shop has passed all health inspections, and Beddia the man has decided to open the pizzeria to the public next Wednesday, March 20.

Beddia's shop is anchored by a beasty Montague Hearth-Bake gas deck that takes up almost 1/5 of the entire space, and he's already turning out pies like an old pro. "Everyone that's opening pizza shops in Philly right now is doing the wood-fired thing, and that's great, but I wanted to make sure I was doing something all my own," Beddia told Eater. "I really want to make great pizzas. And not good ones, but really great pizza. And, if that means getting tomatoes from New Jersey that are actually more expensive than ones imported from Italy, so be it."

Beddia won't do slices and expects his pies to ring in between $15-$20, depending on toppings. While that's pricey for the Domino's set, it's definitely right in line with Philly's current pizza royalty: Nomad, Stella, and Osteria. Beddia's pizzas are larger than those other three competitors, though, which gives him the edge on value.

"I'm excited, sure, but I'm also really, really nervous," Beddia told Eater. "It's my money, I don't have any investors, so all the decisions are mine, and only mine. It's a lot of pressure." But, Beddia is a guy who is serious about his pizza and a bit of a perfectionist, so it's a good bet that everything is going to turn out just fine. And, as of next Wednesday, Philly will get to see first-hand why we've taken to calling him Joey Pizza.

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